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FABRIC. Architecture. Urbanism. Regional Strategies.

FABRIC is a knowledge intensive design practice, which is conducted by Eric Frijters and Olv Klijn. Their involvement in architecture, urbanism and research results in FABRICations, which appear in a large variety of media ranging from actual buildings to visual representations and written texts.

FABRIC concerns testing. Thinking while doing rings our motto, whereas a hands-on approach ultimately leads to knowledge based designs. Our aim is to challenge our clients into a joint adventure. The goal is to find innovative solutions during a common process in which the client is seen as a partner in the project.

In each project FABRIC largely invests in research to expand the available knowledge. We believe that this is necessary to widen the amount of possible solutions. To make sure that this is also the most accurate knowledge FABRIC regularly forms alliances with other offices.

FABRIC won the Prix the Rome 2010 for architecture, which is the most prestigious prize for young architects in the Netherlands that is awarded once in four years.

Tussen de Bogen 22
1013 JB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 528 9484

Arcam Fietslab in December

How will Amsterdam’s inner city streets look when the flexible character of cyclists becomes the base of spatial design? In order to find answers to this question a group of designers led by FABRIC will meet at Arcam Architecture Center Amsterdam.

Arcam wants to discuss the results of the design sessions with politicians, designers and the public in expectation that they will be inspired to face similar questions in the future with an open mind.

This ‘Fietslab’ is a sequel to the I Bike Amsterdam workshop of Summer School Thinking City Amsterdam 2014 and is made possible by Stadsregio and the City of Amsterdam.

1432-141125-bd-Haarlemmerdijk Youtube Marc Schaap

For more information go to the Arcam website

Video still taken from Youtube

FABRIC presents Heathub design at Let’s Gro Festival


This Friday FABRIC will present it’s design for a Heathub on the Zernike Science Campus at the Let’s Gro festival in Groningen. Come to the Spiegeltent on Waagplein at 15:30!

See for more information and the festival timetable at the Let’s Gro website
To keep up to date about the Heathub project follow us on Facebook!

FABRIC curates IABR workshop in Albania


Sitting next to Minister of Urban Development and Tourism Mrs. Eglatina Gjermeni, who is about to make her opening statement at ‘the Metabolism of Albania’ of which .FABRIC is workshop curator.

FABRIC in Avcilar (Istanbul) with IABR

ByhFZ2MIcAA8oum.jpg large

FABRIC visits Mayor Toprak in Avcilar (Istanbul) together with H+N+S Landscape Architects and IABR.

Sino-Dutch cooperation Towards2050

The 2014 edition of Towards2050: Developing a Sino-Dutch Approach for Sustainable Urbanisation has kicked off in Beijing. For the next two weeks Beijing will see an intense Sino-Dutch cooperation in the field of sustainable urban development. The program consists of workshops and seminars including a lecture by FABRIC partner Eric Frijters and is part of the Dutch contribution to the Beijing Design Week.

Particularly unique in the program is the close collaboration between designers and financial specialists. The collaboration is partly motivated by the wish of the Chinese government to look for new business models while improving the quality of life for its citizens.

Towards2050: Developing a Sino-Dutch Approach for Sustainable Urbanisation has been made possible with contributions from the Creative Industry Fund NL, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, CSR Netherlands, City of Utrecht, VenhoevenCS architecture + urbanism, Fakton, TNO, Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and the World Bank Beijing Office. The program is endorsed by Dutch Culture, the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, the Dutch Embassy in Beijing and the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning.

Group photo Qinghe Station workshop_VenhoevenCS

New website for EEN


It’s online!
A new website for the Ecological Energy Network project – with an explanation of the idea, information about the initiators and contact data for everyone who wants to participate with his or her idea!

Share it with your neighbor, send it to your grandmother, print it and hang it above your bed!

(English version coming soon)

Trylletromler at Month of Design 2014 Ljubljana

We’re happy that the Month of Design 2014 festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia will feature our Trylletromler project, with beautiful photographs by Walter Herfst!

Take a look at the Month of Design website for more information.


Trylletromler featured on Archello

Our Trylletromler project is featured on architecture website Archello!

Check it here.

Urban Metabolism presentations and publication online

The beautiful website ‘Sleutelen aan de Stromen’ features all the results of the Urban Metabolism symposium, including the presentations by curator Dirk Sijmons and FABRIC partner Eric Frijters.

It also features downloadable versions (Dutch and English) of the Urban Metabolism publication made by FABRIC, City of Rotterdam and TNO. The publication features all the research, strategies and designs made by FABRIC and James Corner Field Operations for IABR-2014 Projectatelier Rotterdam.

‘I Bike Amsterdam – Harmonious Chaos’ video online

The video from the Summerschool Thinking City case study ‘I Bike Amsterdam’, tutored by FABRIC, is online at Vimeo!