July 5, 2023 fabric

PUBLICATIONS: The Ministry of Social Affairs – The Hague

Recently, a decision has been made to demolish the former Ministry of Social Affairs in The Hague, designed by architect Herman Herzberger.

As early as 2016, we conducted research to explore the possibility of transforming the existing building. The conclusion was that it is feasible to create apartments while simultaneously establishing a passage between the surrounding neighborhoods and Laan van NOI station, thereby generating more public space. This approach allows us to preserve heritage while significantly reducing material waste.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is not an actual ministry but rather an idea of what a ministry could look like to promote social interaction and a sense of community. Hertzberger aimed to connect people and foster inclusive communities through architecture. The building features flexible spaces and an open structure to ensure everyone feels welcome. Hertzberger believed that architecture could contribute to connecting people and empowering communities.

You can find out more about the project on our website.
Link to the presentation.


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