Vestibule is a consulting project developed to assist Studioninedots in the design of a sustainable housing building in the new development of Leidsche Rijn (Utrecht).

FABRICations helped identifying and suggesting sustainable design solutions and features within the project, to develop a building based on the principles of healthy Urbanism. The six themes of healthy urbanism have been used to assess the project: Vital Economy, Healthy Living, Social-Cultural Connected, Resilient Systems, Material Balance, Sustainable energy.

Each of the themes responded to a series of strategies proposed to deliver a healthy lifestyle for users, long term efficiency, and a stronger social and cultural involvement for the community. In addition, circular strategies for material, waste, air purification and other resources were introduced, to make sure to minimize the ecological impact of the building and enhance its positive performances in the urban context.

All the strategies come together in the distribution cores and in the vestibule, which becomes a green lobby and a pivotal point for the new intervention.  Moreover, the green lobby defines the strong identity for the building, and a highly recognizable testimony of its innovative composition.

For the same proposal, FABRICations also developed a concept design for the adjacent building, implementing some of the strategies proposed for vestibule and introducing a new architectural image as a variation on the one proposed by Ninedots.

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands

Program: Consulting on Sustainable Building Strategies

Year: 2017

Commissioner: Heijmans

Partners: Studioninedots, Lint Landscape Architecture,

Design Directors: Eric Frijters, Olv Klijn

Team: Luca De Stefano, Marco Chow, Zoe Goodman

Renderings: 3D Studio Prins

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