VDMA - Eindhoven

VDMA focuses on implementing a series of radical innovations in the urban environment that fit with a new, more sustainable era of human society. That is, VDMA is taking a leap towards shaping a circular economy and responds to the challenges of climate, energy and mobility. A large range of interventions is explored: from high-tech modular construction and kinetic PV facades to low-tech interventions with real nature. The best example of the latter is the introduction of “Het Brabants Stadsbos”, a forest that is not only beautiful, but also enhances the quality of life, health and biodiversity of the center of Eindhoven.

The redevelopment of VDMA combines the contrast between passive use of natural, renewable resources and ecosystem services with high-quality technologies in two ways: through the Circular Loop, in a casual and accessible manner, and through the Circular Lobby, in a more educational and inviting fashion. Everyone is invited to become acquainted with the sustainability and circularity ambitions in the area and to learn how they can contribute to a better future.

Whereas The Loop subtly encapsulates different sustainability ambitions throughout the plan, the Circular Lobby provides insight into the essence of the underlying sustainability principles behind the design of VDMA in one central public space. The various residual flows become visible in the Circular Lobby, just like the closed ecosystems, in a spectacular spatial design. The combination of The Loop and the Circular Lobby makes the various sustainability ambitions experiential and inspiring.

The Circular Lobby is the place where residual flows of waste, water and heat are optimally used. Furthermore, it is the place to learn something about how flows can be closed. The essence of all activities in the Circular Lobby is maintaining a sustainable and local food circle. In order to do so, a brewery, a bakery, a restaurant and an urban farm are linked together in the same building. In turn, the Circular Lobby is supplied with hops, herbs, biogas and clean water by the Circular Greenhouse.

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Program: housing + culture + mixed use

Year: 2019

Commissioner: Being Development

Partners: OMA, Diederendirrix, Delva landscape architects, Nul zes, Nezzt, Timeless Investments, Borghese Real Estate

Design Directors: Eric Frijters, Olv Klijn

Project Leaders: Wesley Verhoeven, Rens Wijnakker

Team: Duong Bui, Lily Tran, Meghna Mudaliar, Reinout Haisma

Advisors: IMd, Techniplan, Rebel Group, Fakton, IGG, VDL, ERA VB&T, Verschuuren & Schreppers, TU Eindhoven, Powered by Meaning, Hans Snoeijen, Piet van der Meulen, Vereniging Natuurmonumenten, Soontiens, Tom van Duuren

Rendering Visualization: Proloog en OMA

The redevelopment of VDMA offers a huge opportunity for a major and innovative step forward: for the further integration of Technology, Design, Knowledge (TDK) and culture in the city center from Eindhoven. This in addition to the possibilities for an enormous acceleration of innovation in urban design, function mix, public space, architecture, sustainability and adaptivity.

The redevelopment of VDMA combines natural renewable resources and ecosystem services with high-quality technology.

The Loop is first and foremost a recognizable and publicly accessible route which connects all parts of the plan. But perhaps more importantly, it also functions as an integrally designed chain that connects ecology, health, renewable resources, residual flows and inclusiveness.

The Circular Lobby is the place where residual flows of waste, water and heat are optimally used. It is also the place where people are encouraged to learn about circularity and sustainability.

The Brabants Stadsbos is both the green lung of VDMA and the connection to the Eindhoven city biotope. The rich indigenous planting with a herb, shrub and crown layer provides a broad biodiversity. Together with the various biotopes on site, the Brabants Stadsbos forms its own ecosystem in the heart of VDMA and the heart of the city.

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