Trylletromler is a temporary pavilion developed by FABRICations for the garden of the Rosenborg Castle. The context of the Renaissance garden offered an opportunity to rethink the traditional pavilion, which is here reinterpreted into a dynamic semi-transparent fence, appearing to be an object in motion. From this last aspect, the project takes its name, which is the Danish translation for “zoetrope”, a 19th century device that activates an impression of movement within a still image.

The wooden construction, made out of 3000 standard pieces of Nordic timber, is shaped to restrict movement across the boundary, and to create openings for strategic entrances and points of interest.

Based on these principles, an intriguing floor plan was designed using a composition of ten perfect circles. The plan design reacts to given circumstances such as the exit of the rose garden, the statue by the water, sight lines towards the castle, existing tree lines and the position of solitary trees.

In addition, the project considers material cycles. In order to preserve a sustainable cycle for the construction materials, the wood was repurposed to be used for models and prototypes by the students at The University of Copenhagen.

Trylletromler has been published on numerous international websites and blogs, amongst others Dezeen, Archdaily,, Inhabitat, Takeacharcoal and Dutch architecture magazine De Architect.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Program: Pavilion

Year: 2013

Commissioner: Danish Architects Association, DAA Copenhagen department

Design Directors: Eric Frijters, Olv Klijn

Team: Greta Mozzachiodi, Guillermo Lavernia, Charlotte Simpson, Ida Fløche Moller

Photos: Walter Herfst


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