The junction as flywheel

The Dutch Board of Government Advisers (Physical Living Environment) and the municipality of Tilburg commissioned FABRICations to create a vision to improve the urban connectivity of the railway station of Tilburg University.

The question was to find out in which way (s) the cohesion of the station and its relation with the immediate context could be improved. The design research led to a strategic framework and vision for the intended development of the area. We strive for an integrated approach of challenges and opportunities.

Before creating a vision we made a design scan on 3 scales: the station and direct surroundings, the neighborhoods and the city/landscape. Attention was paid to positioning the context, to accessibility from city and landscape, to a vital program, to cultural history, to sustainability and climate adaptation. The scan was based on the spatial and programmatic potential in the area related to the most ambitious policy objectives from the municipality of Tilburg.  Stakeholder meetings differ that neither a classical master plan, nor a city blueprint would be sufficient. The design research resulted in a spatial hypothesis for the area; a development strategy that focuses on the existing qualities leading to improvement of the area.

The proposed interventions on 3 scale levels have to lead to a good station, a well-developed area that relates to the university campus and the mainly education program in the area interweaved in a green-blue framework that organizes the city on a spatial and sustainable matter.

Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands

Program: Spatial Vision

Year: 2018

Commisioner: Dutch Board of Government Advisers , Tilburg Municipality

Design Directors: Eric Frijters, Olv Klijn

Project Leader: Hein van Lieshout

Team: Caterina Vetrugno, Marcello Vietti, Alessandra Riccetti, Lea Soret, Laura Huerga

Current modalities

Statenlaan VARIANT III – preference

Statenlaan VARIANTS




The aim is to make the campus part of the neighborhoods and the neighborhoods to
involve in the campus

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