THE GRID - Lille

FABRICations proposes a dwelling solution with this project, designed to create a network of knowledge between people who share the same building. The project is named The GRID, a French acronym for “Générer des Relations Intergénérationnelles Durables” ( “Generate Sustainable Intergenerational Relations”.)

The project aims to enhance and recreate the positive dynamics of small communities, generating a village-like community. In order to achieve this, the building block is divided into separated identities, while a physical fracture  is used to connect the inhabitants socially and culturally. Following this logic, the architectural language of the façade changes in every part of the building, while the complex maintains a strong relation to the green courtyard it surrounds.

Vegetation is used in this specific case, to generate a sense of public ownership and appropriation, and it is therefore implemented also in the private outdoor space of the apartments. By doing so, a strong connection between public and private is created, while a sense of identity is preserved, and the density of the building is not compromised.

Vegetation is used to differentiate public and private realms without compromising the density of the building. The vegetation creates a strong connection between public and private spices while also preserving a sense of ownership.

Location: Euralille, France

Program: 1.800m2 commercial space, 10.100m2 apartments, 5.000m2 social housing apartments, 1.600m2 accessible apartments

Year: 2012

Commissioner: Constructa-Propria, Nacarat, Vivalib, Lille Métropole Habitat, H2I

Partners: Paindavoine-Parmentier, Charles-Henri Tachon, HDM BET

Design Directors: Eric Frijters, Olv Klijn

Team: Greta Mozzachiodi, Marie Rannou, Nuria Ripoll, Guillermo Lavernia, Charlie Simpson


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