Pleinhuis proposes a smart design solution for an apartment building on a limited plot.

The building is prominently located at the crossing of two main roads. Because of the commercial program situated at the Broekhovenseweg and Groenstraat, both streets receive heavy flows of traffic. This not only contributes to noise pollution on the facades of the adjacent buildings, but also impairs the air quality and livability at street level.

From an urban point of view Pleinhuis will become part of the historical ribbon structure along the Broekhovenseweg. It will be the border two worlds, both characterized by typical atmospheres. The atmosphere of the public space at street level is determined by flows of people and motorized traffic while the inner area is green and friendly. Between the two, the ribbon building manifests itself as an autonomous and introverted entity.

Pleinhuis is currently under development by Harqvastgoed

Read an article on Pleinhuis in 2012 in Brabants Dagblad  [Dutch only]

Location:  Tilburg, Netherlands

Program: Apartments, studios, commercial space, parking

Year: 2012

Commissioner: Interfour

Partners: Associate Architects and Engineers: Martijn Honselaar (Ontwerplab)

Design Directors: Eric Frijters, Olv Klijn

Team: Nuria Ripoll, Clara Arango, Meritxell Blanco Diaz, Ivo de Jeu, Patrick Roegiers


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