Energy-neutral by 2030! There is much to do in order to reach this ambitious goal. The main question is how. In the Netherlands we have been talking about it for some time, and despite all the good intentions, very little has been achieved until now. In the EU Climate Change Performance chart in 2014 we ended up second to last, between Bulgaria and Estonia. S3H-BTK provides the tools and infrastructure necessary to finally speed up this innovative process. We think that this will only be a successful operation if backed up by a strong economic tailwind. We drew the invisible hand of economy and we introduced it into a green glove: the BTK. We imagined a tax regime that operates through the fabric of our society, bringing along optimization and innovationand producing also a social shift: from chains to circuits, from single- to multi-value generation, from the concept of ownership to reuse and borrow, from accessibility to proximity. In S3H-BTK we demonstrate to new clients how this broad transition would activate and enrich the entire cityscape. We also show how cities can gain competitiveness by focusing on the “Hanseatic Values”. Particularly these aspects – both public and private – are meant to give the S3H an extra spin. This results in an attractive cityscape; altered but economically strong and capable of producing around 90.000 additional jobs by rapidly reducing CO2 emissions. What are we waiting for?

Location: Apeldoorn – Deventer – Zuthpen (S3H), NL

Program: Competition, Regional development strategy – First Prize

Year: 2015

Commissioner: Stichting EO Wijers

Partners: H+N+S Landschapsarchitecten, CE Delft, Wing, Marco Broekman, Witteveen+Bos

Design Directors: Eric Frijters, Olv Klijn

Team: Bas Driessen


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