CBS - The Hague

The former CBS building in the Hague (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek) was recently assigned to be repurposed and demolished. Through the methodology of our sustainability scan, FABRICations developed a reuse strategy, assessing demolition waste management and sustainable strategies, to preserve part of the building and give it a new identity.

The complex, originally designed to be an office space, can be adapted tobecome housing through a series of strategic interventions, which include demolitions and facade replacements. In the new design, the building provides a diverse range of housing typologies, with variations operated to host the new target groups of the project.

In addition, part of the material from the demolition is recovered and reused in the building, creating pavilions and decorative elements, that would enrich the identity of the building and celebrate its historical value. Moreover, the demolition waste management is combined with the implementation of sustainable energy production and resource management on site.

As a result, the new CBS incorporates the historical value of the existing structure, and at the same time, with limited and strategic additions, provides a new identity and functional structure to host the new program, giving benefits on social, economic and historical levels.

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Program:  Building assesment

Year: 2016

Commissioner: VORM Ontwikkeling B.V. , BPD Ontwikkeling B.V.

Design Directors: Eric Frijters, Olv Klijn

Project Manager: José Cocchiararo

Team: Nina Mertanen, Lloyd Martin, Lorenzo Cocchi


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