The project ‘New markets for Brabantland’ aims to analyze ways in which innovations and transitions towards a more sustainable regional development might be organized and facilitated.

In order to stimulate innovation and create a new economic base for regional developments, new economic actors and new public-private networks have to be mobilized. At the same time they have to be able to explore and develop new opportunities, so that economic, organizational and spatial innovations share a common ground.

To realize these goals, FABRICations put together a threefold trajectory. The first step can be classified as a process of identification: the development of spatial qualities are explored and combined with new development themes that stem from a creative brainstorm with specialists. The second step is to provoke: potential entrepreneurs are provoked with the newly identified ‘windows of opportunity’ and are asked to be a ‘push’ or ‘pull’ factor in developing a specific theme further. The third step is to program the found investment prospects and surround them with a sustainable organizational form, the right knowledge and an appropriate investment environment.

In this case five themes represent five possible windows of opportunities, in Dutch they are called: ‘spelend netwerk’, ‘Brabantse Langstraten’, ‘bossen van bezinning’,  ‘erven voor ontwikkeling’ en ‘ons dorp’.

Location: Provincie Noord-Brabant, Nederlands

Program:  New economic initiatives for regional developments

Year: 2008

Commissioner: Provincie Noord-Brabant, Agro&Co

Design Directors: Eric Frijters, Olv Klijn

Team:  Karel Maessen, Vanessa Joos, Gianpiero Venturini, Christian Oxenius.

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