Architectural design, Urban Plans and Regional strategies for Resilient Cities

FABRICations is a knowledge-intensive design practice, founded in 2007 by Eric Frijters and Olv Klijn. The office adopts a “Research by Design” approach for all its projects to discover the possibilities for better urban systems.

In each project, FABRICations invests substantially in knowledge development to be at the forefront of sustainable spatial development. In order to work with the most accurate knowledge, FABRICations regularly forms alliances with other practices. The aim is to find innovative design solutions for the relevant issues of our time.

FABRICations has grown from pioneer to authority when it comes to the intersection of space, design and themes such as energy transition, climate adaptation, regional metabolism and healthy urbanism. Key concepts in the search for innovative solutions for future spatial challenges are: transform, mix and connect. The space around us is continuously in transformation. Transformation is increasingly about searching for connections between existing qualities and new possibilities.

Because the economy of the future is driven less by industrial production and more by knowledge development and innovative creative processes, living, working and recreation in separated and designated zones is no longer an option. An economy that’s driven more and more by knowledge development thrives in mixed environments with a rich variety of activities in a high-quality and robust environment.

On a more global scale, we are faced with increasingly more complex issues that can no longer be answered with one-liners, and that require cultural actions in addition to technical answers. This certainly also applies in architecture. Designs will no longer be judged solely based on aesthetic qualities, as they are at the same time sustainable solutions for spatial issues. This implies that we have to connect urban agendas of the future with concrete tasks to create new opportunities; opportunities that we seize with both hands.

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