September 4, 2018 fabric

NEWS: Paraná delta

Urbanized deltas are highly complex systems. They are the most densely urbanized and industrialized areas in the world; at the same time they face many threats from climate change. We were called to investigate a new vision for the Paraná delta, and transform those treats into opportunities for new solution related to Ecology, Urbanization and Connectivity.

This week Irene Luque Martin, FABRICations designer and researcher, was in Argentina with a delegation from One Architecture and H+N+S, to take part in the participatory workshop for the Strategic Plan for the Paraná delta. It was a very intense experience of field visit and discussion, with the Secretaría de Infrastructura y Política Hídrica of the Argentinian Ministerio del Interior, INA, Deltares and many other local and international partners. With the project team we will develop further the inputs from the workshop into a resilient vision for the Paraná delta.


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