April 25, 2017 fabric

EVENTS: Eric Frijters at the Shenzhen Design Week, as key speaker for the event “Sponge Cities 2.0”

Eric Frijters, Founder and director of FABRICations, was at the Shenzhen Design Week, as key speaker of the event “Sponge Cities 2.0”. The Symposium, held at I-Factory and hosted by FUTURE+ academy, offers a discussion on the necessary actions to take for the evolution of Sponge cities and their implementation in fast growing urban contexts.

From the event description:

“The Chinese Sponge Cities initiatives have been pioneering globally in rethinking how cities deal with their water systems, particularly in light of global climate change and unprecedented urban growth. The question of how sponge cities have to find their way into existing metropolitan areas, and how they can be upscale to operate in many of the rapidly urbanizing world’s deltas is still a major challenge. ”


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