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FABRIC. Architecture. Urbanism. Regional Strategies.

FABRIC is a knowledge intensive design practice, which is conducted by Eric Frijters and Olv Klijn. Their involvement in architecture, urbanism and research results in FABRICations, which appear in a large variety of media ranging from actual buildings to visual representations and written texts.

FABRIC concerns testing. Thinking while doing rings our motto, whereas a hands-on approach ultimately leads to knowledge based designs. Our aim is to challenge our clients into a joint adventure. The goal is to find innovative solutions during a common process in which the client is seen as a partner in the project.

In each project FABRIC largely invests in research to expand the available knowledge. We believe that this is necessary to widen the amount of possible solutions. To make sure that this is also the most accurate knowledge FABRIC regularly forms alliances with other offices.

FABRIC won the Prix the Rome 2010 for architecture, which is the most prestigious prize for young architects in the Netherlands that is awarded once in four years.

Tussen de Bogen 18
1013 JB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 528 9484

.FABRIC exhibited in Den Bosch

090628 expositie 10xdenbosch

On the occassion of the national celebration of Dutch architecture this weekend, the exhibition ’10xDenBosch’ has been opened to the public. The exhibition shows the work FABRIC produced for the new architectural guide of the city of ‘s Hertogenbosch, where the show is now on display in the city office. (For more information look at ‘Stad in de Etalage, Stadskantoor – Wolvenhoek’, or visit