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FABRIC. Architecture. Urbanism. Regional Strategies.

FABRIC is a knowledge intensive design practice, which is conducted by Eric Frijters and Olv Klijn. Their involvement in architecture, urbanism and research results in FABRICations, which appear in a large variety of media ranging from actual buildings to visual representations and written texts.

FABRIC concerns testing. Thinking while doing rings our motto, whereas a hands-on approach ultimately leads to knowledge based designs. Our aim is to challenge our clients into a joint adventure. The goal is to find innovative solutions during a common process in which the client is seen as a partner in the project.

In each project FABRIC largely invests in research to expand the available knowledge. We believe that this is necessary to widen the amount of possible solutions. To make sure that this is also the most accurate knowledge FABRIC regularly forms alliances with other offices.

FABRIC won the Prix the Rome 2010 for architecture, which is the most prestigious prize for young architects in the Netherlands that is awarded once in four years.

Tussen de Bogen 18
1013 JB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 528 9484

.FABRIC lectures at AvB Rotterdam

1009-100409-lecture Terug naar de kust

.FABRIC elaborates on the new position of design in planning. Titled ‘Linking Agenda’s’ this procedure was explained by Eric Frijters in front of an enormous crowd and an overwhelming atmosphere.

.FABRIC leads ResearchLab Vrijstaat

NL wordt anders

.FABRIC leads the Researchlab ‘Vrijstaat’. Commissioned by the Chief Government Architect Liesbeth van de Pol, we investigate how private initiatives can contribute to urban development.

.FABRIC speaks with Henk Ovink


.FABRIC had a conversation with the Director of National Planning on Design in Postion.

.FABRIC speaks with Maarten van Poelgeest

.FABRIC recorded an interview with Maarten van Poelgeest on the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam.

‘2 sterke verhalen in 1 Overijssel’


.FABRIC offers Hilde Blank as the ruling Ateliermeester AtelierOverijssel the final result of ‘Twee sterke verhalen in een Overijssel’.

.FABRIC starts Masterplan design Landgoed De Groene Kamer

100202 masterplan LDGK

.FABRIC starts working on the Master plan forLandgoed De Groene Kamer  in cooperation with LOLA Landscape architects near De Reeshof in Tilburg. The domain functions as a hub between the city and its surroundings. Domain The Green Chamber brings the life on the countryside to city dwellers and combines recreation, education and retail in a renewing and durable manner. The core of the domain exists from the extended natural surroundings that breathe a clear rustic character. Subsequently a mix of qualitatively high-quality shops, a hotel and catering industry supplies which dovetail seamless into the rural surrounding. This all is completed by education and workshops on the origin of food added with the offering of sports and wellness for body and mind.

.FABRIC organises ‘The Making Of…’

100122 symposium and exhibition The Making Off

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary ArtEZ Academy of Architecture organises the symposium The Making of… . Central issue in the symposium is the production process that results in architecture. Under the guidance of Eric Frijters and Olv Klijn a preliminary research was carried out by students of the academy. Five architects will explain their unique ways of making architecture. By means of their personal experiences , This symposium and the exhibition offer special insight in the methods and strategies behind the produced work. By means of five thematical movies (interview, space, communication, design and production) each of the five architectural offices is documented, analysed and visualized on twenty-five screens.

speakers: Herman Zeinstra, Felix Claus, Koen van Velsen, Jacob van Rijs, Marijn Schenk.

moderator: Hans Ibelings

concept & research: .FABRIC

exhibition design: .FABRIC

interview with .FABRIC in Architectuur.NL

091229-interview architectuur NL-small 091229-interview architectuur NL

Read the interview with .FABRIC in the most recent issue of ArchitectuurNL (8 / 2009) on pages 16, 17, 18 and 19. In a conversation with Indira van ‘t Klooster we elaborate on how we work, on what topics and levels of scale we work and to what it leads.

.FABRIC finalist PRIX DE ROME 2010

0923-091127-fabric-final-panels Prix de Rome

.FABRIC is finalist in  Prix de Rome 2010. Out of nearly 300 subscriptions 10 plans were longlisted from which 4 were put on a short list that enter the final stage. Together with the 3 other competitors, .FABRIC will present the results in the spring of 2010.

.FABRIC leads Studio Architectuur

091412 fabric moderates Studio Architectuur

Studio Architecture.

Content: Live architecture criticism. Discussing architecture as it was football.

Conversation leader: Eric Frijters

Location: Architectuur Lokaal

Organisation: Indira van t Klooster

Panel: Jeroen van Mechelen (Studio JVM), Michiel van Raaij (hoofdredacteur Architectenweb en AWM), Madeleine Steigenga (Jean Desert rem.), Floor Swildens (Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Vathorst en voorzitter Kwaliteitsteam Vathorst), Sjors de Vries (BSDV en voorzitter Stichting Ruimtevolk)

Architecture criticism can become just as titillating for spectators as a panel discussion about football. With exact the same audiovisual means  architecture can be analysed, looked at and enjoyed. Looking at details from different perspectives will feed the discussion that will be conducted by an analyst, a user, a builder, a critic and a designer of architecture who will irritate, tease, bother, accomplice each other.