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FABRIC. Architecture. Urbanism. Regional Strategies.

FABRIC is a knowledge intensive design practice, which is conducted by Eric Frijters and Olv Klijn. Their involvement in architecture, urbanism and research results in FABRICations, which appear in a large variety of media ranging from actual buildings to visual representations and written texts.

FABRIC concerns testing. Thinking while doing rings our motto, whereas a hands-on approach ultimately leads to knowledge based designs. Our aim is to challenge our clients into a joint adventure. The goal is to find innovative solutions during a common process in which the client is seen as a partner in the project.

In each project FABRIC largely invests in research to expand the available knowledge. We believe that this is necessary to widen the amount of possible solutions. To make sure that this is also the most accurate knowledge FABRIC regularly forms alliances with other offices.

FABRIC won the Prix the Rome 2010 for architecture, which is the most prestigious prize for young architects in the Netherlands that is awarded once in four years.

Tussen de Bogen 18
1013 JB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 528 9484

Interview in ‘New Generations’ series

.FABRIC is featured in the “Progettare architettura” article about Itinerant Office’s ‘New Generations’ interview series.

Watch the interview with FABRIC partners Eric Frijters and Olv Klijn on Vimeo

YD2M scenario adopted by Agentschap NL

‘Een Impuls – Twee Kansen’, the scenario that FABRIC developed with HNS, DAO and Bouwinvest for Architectuur Lokaal’s thinktank Olifantenkooi-YD2M, is one of six scenario’s that were adopted by Agentschap NL for their Toolbox Financieringsconstructies. This Toolbox aims to bundle the knowledge and creativity about new financing structures for the housing market in the Netherlands. Een Impuls – Twee Kansen is a strategy to both mobilize the housing market and offer second life to depreciated real estate.

More info on the RVO website

Read more about the Olifantenkooi here

FABRIC congratulates Fernando de Mello Franco

FABRIC congratulates IABR curator and MMBB arquitetos founder Fernando de Mello Franco with his appointment as Secretary for Urban Development to the city of Sao Paulo.

Perhaps the metropolis Sao Paulo will always be a ‘test site’, but we are happy that it is an architect in charge of ‘making city’.

Showcase for Unsolicited Architecture


Tomorrow 8:00PM at the NAi in Rotterdam, the projects for Studio for Unsolicited Architecture will be presented to the public. Everybody is invited, drinks afterwards!

Check out the NAi website!

First prize The Green Architecture Competition


The Ecological Energy Network (EEN) project by .FABRIC, Lola landscape architects and Studio 1:1 has won shared first prize in The Green Architecture Competition, organized by the Netherlands Architecture Institute and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

.FABRIC speaks with TenneT


TenneT, the nation-wide operator of the Dutch high-voltage network, has reacted with enthusiasm on the idea of creating a green network with their power network.

With a positive attitude the project was renamed the ‘Ecological Energy Network’, EEN in short.

Presentation Rijk Nijlan


.FABRIC, O+A and Dijk&Co have presented the movie ‘Rijk Nijlan’, a manifest for revitalizing the typology of post-war four-story apartment buildings. The eight minute movie was received well by Chief Government Architect Frits van Dongen, housing corporation WoonFriesland and the municipality of Leeuwarden.

Book presentation Urban Metabolism


The Urban Metabolism book is ready!

At yesterday’s IABR special Rotterdam Day (‘Tinkering with Material Flows’) AIR director Patrick van der Klooster presented the publication ‘Stedelijk Metabolisme’ (Urban Metabolism), made by FABRIC, James Corner Field Operations, TNO and the Municipality of Rotterdam. The book is a collection of the results of ProjectAtelier Rotterdam, a two-year research project on the Urban Metabolism of Rotterdam as part of the IABR-2014 ‘Urban by Nature’ exhibition.

An English version is in production and coming soon.

Book presentation BouwJong


Today the book for the BouwJong! project is presented in the former Tax office in Groningen. FABRIC contributed a design for the NELF site in this project, which aims to discuss the urging problem of housing for youth and students in the city of Groningen.

Start: 17:15 – 18:15, entrance: free
Location: Voormalig Belastingkantoor, Hofstede de Grootkade 11, Groningen
The book can be ordered at the website of publisher Gras Uitgevers

Inloopbijeenkomst PleinHuis

This evening Ontwerplab and .FABRIC present the PleinHuis project to the neighborhood and everybody else interested. The design comprises of commercial space and indoor parking at ground level, eight starters apartments and two maisonettes.