November 27, 2017 fabric

NEWS: Shortlisted for the Nagele Energy Lab competition

FABRICations and BETA office shortlisted for the Nagele Energy Lab competition

“Energy is no longer something abstract coming from far away but something that everyone could welcome in his back yard”. FABRICations and BETA office for architecture and the city  envision Nagele as the place where the transition to sustainable energy brings new forms of cohesion and sharing.

The greatest quality of Nagele – a design around collectivity – has fallen into disuse. Nagele was designed by the architectural team “De 8” between 1948 and 1954. The final design by Aldo van Eyck and de 8 was shown at the CIAM 8 meeting in 1956. While the current condition of the town differs from the original design, some of the basic concepts remain. What started as an experiment for a new idea about living together is now at a turning point. Labor migrants, residents of the first hour and newcomers from the Randstad seem an impossible diverse group to revitalize Nagele together. The combination of many new forms of collectivity – and the energy transition that also benefits from new forms of sharing – offer unexpected opportunities for Nagele. Sustainable energy offers opportunities to forge new cohesion, especially when the chain is reduced to human proportions. Then energy is no longer something abstract that comes from far away but something that everyone could welcome in his ‘back yard’. Impact can be achieved if the compensation funds from Windpark Noordoostpolder are multiplied in terms of budget and content. We therefore propose to invest these funds in an organizational structure that attracts parties and budgets and mobilizes residents. While the dormant court associations are primarily used as vehicles for the energy transition, other outcomes may result, such as exchanges in the areas of care, knowledge and shared interests. In this way the principle of consistency – a new life


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